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Deep Learning and Long-Term Value Investing

Quantenstein is an integrated software platform for automated long-term value investing that builds on the latest developments in Deep Learning technology. For a given investment universe (e.g. regions, industries, market cap categories) and set of constraints (e.g. portfolio size, dividend yield, holding period, transaction costs, ESG criteria), Quantenstein optimizes client-specific financial performance metrics based on large quantities of fundamental accounting data to assemble tailored investment portfolios. More than a thousand candidate configurations are tested simultaneously to arrive at the best solution for your needs.


Stock selection

Quantenstein is trained to identify the best stocks for medium to long term investment horizons.

Portfolio construction

Quantenstein integrates stock selection and portfolio construction into a single, end-to-end architecture.

Advanced Machine Learning

Quantenstein leverages state-of-the-art decision tree methods and extensive expertise in Convolutional and LSTM neural networks.

Custom built portfolios

Portfolios are optimized to your specific requirements: stock universe, holding period, yield, performance characteristics, etc. Contact us!

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